Friday, August 1, 2014

Celebrity Street Style Inspiration

I'm here again today with some outfit inspiration from some of my favorite leading ladies. I revisit Whitney Port and try to dissect what Rita Ora has going on.

1. Alexa Chung
This girl is on the top of every fashion it-list and with good reason! Her style is classic with a bit of edge to keep it interesting and copyable.

2. Whitney Port
I'm on a huge Whit-kick lately and I can't get enough of her style. Whitney, if you're reading this, can I borrow your threads sometime?

3. Emmy Rossum
I was not a fan of Emmy when she first started popping up but her style has grown on me immensely. She plays around with a lot of different trends and that is totally something I can relate to.

4. Rita Ora
A girl that can entertain and dress well? I just don't get how she can make crazy look so cool.

5. Amber Tamblyn
Her attitude on-screen in Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants translates right into her style. Love it!
Which celebs are inspiring you lately? Let me know in the comments!


Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Some days I have longer to prep for future outfits than I do on others. The other day I got dressed in a rush and decided to go with a school-uniform-with-flair look. Can I blame mind for coming up with this because it's almost back-to-school season?

I won't be making any major transitions this fall but you might have noticed one I've already done. My blog got a head to toe makeover courtesy of my BFF Lyndsey! She's got big plans on the horizon including maybepossiblyhopefully starting an Etsy biz creating personal blog layouts. I was happy to give up my blog as a guinea pig as she finds her HTML footing.

You can help me break in my sweet new digs by leaving a comment down in the Disqus box letting me know what you think! :)

Outfit details - Sweater, .25 cents (thrifted) - Collared shirt, $1 (thrifted) - Skirt, .79 cents (thrifted) - Necklace, $1 ( - Flats, $7 (Wal-Mart) - Purse, $3 (thrifted) 


Monday, July 28, 2014

Sunday Best

I don't remember what weekend I wore this on but it was a Sunday and I felt my best. I hope you will excuse me for keeping things simple today. It's a Monday, I cannot be rushed to write long, insightful blog posts. ;)

Outfit details - Vintage dress, $1 (thrifted) - Scarf, .25 cents (thrifted) - Flower brooch, $2 (thrifted) - Gold glitter flats, gift - Sunnies, .50 cents (thrifted) - Red lipstick, Really Red by Revlon