Friday, September 26, 2014

This Isn't a Goodbye

This isn't a goodbye, it's a see you later.

In preparation for some big stuff happening in my life, I'm taking some time off from blogging. Just when fall fashion is getting good, right? I promise I'll be back to posting later in October with new stuff, new stories, and of course new outfits! I'll still be updating elsewhere on the internet, just FYI. All my social links are down below. I will see you all again very soon!


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fashion Terms That Need To Be Retired

Sometimes Project Runway perplexes me and it's not just because of what Sandhya creates. I'm a long time fan of the show but I have to laugh when they present evening wear challenges. Yes, dressy clothes are very much a part of life for some people but I'm more concerned that they're even using the term "evening wear". It sounds so outdated, right? We're living in 2014 where fashion lines are being blurred more than ever. Streetwear is luxe, lingerie is outerwear, menswear is for women. Is there really such a thing as clothes strictly for nighttime? In my head, I'd like to think not.

My outfit is a nod to the above paragraph. I wore business-casual clothes even though I'm not employed. It was worn for a simple day spent running errands with my mom and trust me when I say that I am totally embracing these beautiful fall days before I have to break out a bulky winter jacket!

Outfit details:
Chambray top - .50 cents (thrifted)

Crochet top - $5 (Outlet store, Monroe & Main brand)

Striped bodycon skirt - $7 (thrifted)
Bronze owl necklace - $1 (
Black purse - from $5 bag sale (thrifted)
Red lipstick - 001 by Kate for Rimmel London


Monday, September 22, 2014

Mag Monday: 80's Fashion

You know what your Monday needs? A little dose of 80's inspiration! Well, maybe I'm the only one but I'm still going to share this rad article from a 1985 issue of Good Housekeeping (which has a poodle-permed Marie Osmond on the cover. lol)

So if you're interested in watching the cycle of trends or you just love old magazines like me, then I think you're going to enjoy this. Let's take a look at how far, or not, we've come in fashion...