Monday, September 15, 2014

Bloggers In The Wild

One of my guilty pleasures is scanning through the fashion blogger chat forum on GOMI. It's so bad but you can really learn a lot of interesting things hanging out there. I promise I'm not one of the commenters, I'm simply a spectator!

Recently there was a cool thread I got lost in that was filled with stories of seeing bloggers out in the wild. I guess as someone who takes my own pictures in semi-public spaces, I've never seen this as weird. But this thread made me feel weird. I actually had my first run in with a fashion blogger on the streets earlier this year. The idea of seeing someone getting a picture taken in public doesn't phase me. I don't like to pry into other peoples business and I mostly hope they do the same for me. As I see it, you do your thang and I'll do my thang. That's not my final word on the matter but I'll save the rest for another post!

Speaking of public, I took these shots behind a strangers house. Before you judge me, just remember that people do meth in this world.

Outfit details:
Light brown tunic - $1, thrifted (Target brand)

Plaid button down - $4.99, thrifted (Gap brand)
Red Members Only jacket - $1.18, thrifted
Leggings - $7, Wal-Mart
Flats - $7, Wal-Mart

Pork Pie Hat, paid with a gift card,
Necklace, gift from Dani (Stylemint brand)
Sunnies - .50 cents, thrifted
Red lipstick, 001 by Kate for Rimmel London


Friday, September 12, 2014

How To Make It Big On The Internet

How To Make It Big On The Internet
How To Make It Big On The Internet
How To Make It Big On The Internet
How To Make It Big On The Internet
How do you get ahead in life? Work hard, get promotions, have the CEO notice you, become a boss! (I'm just speculating here, I've never had an office job.) So how do you get ahead on the internet? You're essentially already starting off as the "boss" and you have to make everything work. What both frightens and excites me is that to "make it" on the internet, you have to heavily rely on the kindness of others. People have to share your work, like your posts, make lots of comments, and repeat it all the next day. That's expecting a lot out of mere strangers!

I have a deep respect for people who choose the traditional business route in life but I also really admire the strides that internet folk are taking. To see beauty gurus on YouTube starring in national tv commercials and funny people from Twitter getting their own shows. It's crazy where this internet life can take you!

This post is really all about my outfit though. As I sat down, looking over the pictures, I noticed a theme of how almost each piece was bought/received because of my blog. Using gift cards I won from giveaways or being given a free dress. None of those opportunities would have been possible if I had not started a blog almost 5 years ago. Pretty cool, huh?

Outfit details: 

Dress - c/o (old)

Cardigan - $1 (thrifted) 

Necklace - paid w/ GC (, old)
Pork pie hat - paid w/ GC (, old)
Black flats - $7 (Wal-Mart)
Lipstick - Dark Wine by Wet'n'Wild


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fashion Week Cheat Sheet

Sorcerers gathered this past week in New York to predict what the future will be wearing in spring, or as most called it New York Fashion Week. And while we don't all possess the extensive vocabulary of Tim Gunn or the high brow sartorial knowledge of Anna Wintour, clothing lovers like myself still love a gabbing about fashion! I may not have the star power of Victoria Beckham but please still accept this simple rundown of New York Fashion Week SS15 from someone who wasn't there.
Female designers really knocked it out of the park. (x)
Light colors are back, as usual. So is black & white. (x)
Plus size models stomped it out. (x)
The street style game was strong. (x)
Kendall-not-Jenner did a thing on the runway. (x)
Tim Gunn did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.
Coca-Cola created nail polish with OPI.
We got a sneak peek of the collab between Alexander Wang and H&M. Thanks, Riri!
Carrie Hammer does it again with another inspiring casting choice for her runway.
Did anyone else know that Serena Williams, the tennis star, created a clothing line?
And finally, Spongebob (yes THEE Spongebob) made an appearance.
Thanks for indulging me in a fashion week recap post. And the fun isn't even over yet! To view more collections, click on over to the official New York Fashion week timeline. Hoped you liked having all the headlines in one quick post as much as I did.