Friday, September 19, 2014

Links a la Mode September 18th

Happy Friday! Check out this weeks IFB link round-up including one from yours truly. :)


That Natural Look

Maybe it had something to do with that post the Man Repeller wrote about not wearing makeup. Maybe it's about the Normcore sensibility of not trying too hard. Maybe it's because everyone is fed up with hyper-photoshopped images in the media. But now? Now that natural look, unretouched has never been more perfect. This week we visit fashion month, with all the trends hitting the streets and the runways, so look into the future, it's returning to the basics.

Links à la Mode

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Itching To Thrift This Fall

Disclaimer: The deodorant in this post was given to me for free to talk about & test c/o Influenster. Everything else is just me being me.

I got my first VoxBox this week and inside was a stick of Degree deodorant. What perfect timing because now I can #DoMore thrifting and be the best smelling person there. ;)

While I'm out, here is what I'm hoping to score! What are you trying to thrift this month/season?
Oh pieces, where art thou?


Monday, September 15, 2014

Bloggers In The Wild

One of my guilty pleasures is scanning through the fashion blogger chat forum on GOMI. It's so bad but you can really learn a lot of interesting things hanging out there. I promise I'm not one of the commenters, I'm simply a spectator!

Recently there was a cool thread I got lost in that was filled with stories of seeing bloggers out in the wild. I guess as someone who takes my own pictures in semi-public spaces, I've never seen this as weird. But this thread made me feel weird. I actually had my first run in with a fashion blogger on the streets earlier this year. The idea of seeing someone getting a picture taken in public doesn't phase me. I don't like to pry into other peoples business and I mostly hope they do the same for me. As I see it, you do your thang and I'll do my thang. That's not my final word on the matter but I'll save the rest for another post!

Speaking of public, I took these shots behind a strangers house. Before you judge me, just remember that people do meth in this world.

Outfit details:
Light brown tunic - $1, thrifted (Target brand)

Plaid button down - $4.99, thrifted (Gap brand)
Red Members Only jacket - $1.18, thrifted
Leggings - $7, Wal-Mart
Flats - $7, Wal-Mart

Pork Pie Hat, paid with a gift card,
Necklace, gift from Dani (Stylemint brand)
Sunnies - .50 cents, thrifted
Red lipstick, 001 by Kate for Rimmel London