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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Battle Of The Brands: Twice vs. ThredUp

Today, two well known web consignment stores go head-to-head in a battle to be my favorite online thrift store. In competition are Twice vs. ThredUp. Watch the brands duel it out in my newest video or check out all the vital stats below. Either way, you're getting quite a show!

Twice stats: (ordered a shirt for $2.93 total)

  • Item arrived quickly (within days) and shipping was fairly cheap starting at $4.99 for the first item.
  • They won me over with their "Give $10, Get $10" referral program.
  • Oodle and oodles of discount codes. My fave was getting 50% for downloading their mobile app!
  • Most of the items were displayed on mannequins. Very visually appealing to my eyes!
  • They took the time to measure their garments which is hugely important when buying online.
  • Prices are same as competitor but they take higher end brands so you get more bang for your buck.

ThredUp stats: (ordered a pair of pants for $2.99 total)

  • I liked the "Give $10, Get $10" referral code program! And nothing else..
  • I had to e-mail in order to get my $10 credit. It should of been a given! 
  • Shipping was inexpensive starting at $2.99 but took a full 10 business days to arrive.
  • Some clothes were not displayed on mannequins and other items laid out and wrinkled. Very bleh!
  • Did not give measurements for garments outside of a length. Which led to my item not fitting.
  • Prices are same as competitor but they take ordinary mall brands so you get less bang for your buck.

WINNER: Overall, Twice won my heart. There's a reason it rhymes with nice!

If you'd like to give these two stores a go, here's my referral code to get you started with $10 off your first order. Don't forget to come back and let me know how it turns out!


Monday, December 15, 2014

Oh You Fancy, Huh?

It will never get old to me to wear vintage clothes. Hardy har har! I just couldn't say no to putting this ensemble together after being inspired by my fancy makeup look. If you like it, you should know it's something you can recreate yourself because I got to make a rockin' retro tutorial on Cut Out + Keep using Timid Lashes!

In unfancy news, by the time you're reading this, I'll be at the hospital taking a test. It just involves me eating food so I think I should be a-ok, but any well wishes are still much appreciated! (If you're confused, click on over to read about my weird health issues.)

(Update: I didn't make it through the test. I got too sick. Boo!)

Outfit details:
Coat - free (secondhand)
Shirt - $1.25 (thrifted)
Jeans - $1.50 (thrifted)
Sneakers - $10 (Wal-Mart)
Leopard print scarf - $7 (, old)
Head scarf - sibling hand-me-down
Red lipstick - 911D by Wet'n'Wild
Eye like you!

Friday, December 12, 2014

After Five Years Of Style Blogging

2009: Concert | 2010: Birrrthday | 2011: What Comes Around Goes Around | 2012: Into The 60s | 2013: Arrested Development | 2014: All Dressed Up And No Place To Go
It does not surprise me that I've been writing on this blog for the last five years. Well, not this particular post, but it sort of feels like it! So why not celebrate in style? A lot has changed both in my real life and in the online world so it just seems fitting to write out one sartorial thing I've learned for each year I've been blogging - as inspired by one favorite outfit from the last 5 years.

1: Leopard print will match anything if you believe in yourself and accidentally leave the house wearing it.

2: Don't wear high heels in the snow because you will slip and it will hurt.

3: Make a lot of mistakes. Some of my favorite outfits came from making a mistake. I once thought I owned a vintage blanket and it turned out to be an awesome poncho. Mistakes are pretty cool.

4: The world will not stop turning if you wear mixed prints. Nothing bad will happen except you will look really rad.

5: Don't save your "fancy" clothes for fancy occasions. Every day is a reason to dress up! The world will eventually learn to deal with it.

Bonus lesson: The next big thing in fashion is whatever you are wearing because your voice is the only one that should matter. Or whatever Gwen Stefani is wearing. Her style is always on point and we could all take some notes.