Friday, August 22, 2014

Full Circle

Birthdays, graduations, and Christmas are just a few things that cause for celebration. But what about the anniversary of a haircut? Allow me to indulge my narcissistic side because this post is nothing more than me all giddy about my hair growing. Last August I chopped my locks and here we are now a year later and I have a little curly bob! I even went to the same location in a similar outfit to make the whole thing come full circle.

And thank God for a stroke of genius I had last summer when I made the decision to film my growing process every month. It's been a year in the making but here is a special little video that highlights just how much change has been happening. And coincidentally I went and got a haircut this week but I'm not revealing it on the blog until Monday. You can check my Instagram if the suspense is killing you. ;)

Outfit details - Tank top, .25 cents (thrifted) - Striped skirt, paid w/ GC (, old) - Flats, $7 (Wal-Mart) - Necklace, .25 cents (estate sale) - Lip color, Tickle Me Pink lip liner by Star Looks


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Not Another How-To Post + Video

Want to make awesome content for the internet and get lots of followers? I kind of know how to do one of those things but I'm not going to teach you how-to do it. Instead, I'm going to set you up with an important list of questions to ask yourself before posting on the web so that you're always making the best content possible. (You can also watch the video version of this post down below the mostly important text)
If it's already been done on the internet a bunch of times, skip it. You're a unique human being with awesome ideas. I'm sure you can come up with something original!
Are you good at putting on make-up? Do like board games? Can you cook? Please show me how to do one or all of those things! Just because you know how to do something doesn't mean everyone can. Lend your knowledge to the world.

If you're audience is mostly teenagers, then don't try to sell them on buying life insurance. That is just not gonna fly. Figure out who your audience is and post to them. Check your stats, read your comments, get to know your people!

Trends and pop culture are flashy topics to cover that people are always searching for, but is your coverage of 2010 Fashion Week going to hold up in a few years? I don't want to discourage you from using this topic but use your creative juices to come up with a new way to present it so it will stand the text of time.

If you love something, chances are other people will love the same thing. Before I started my internet life, I didn't know anyone who was as passionate about thrifting as I was. Now almost everyone I interact with loves it! I would have never known unless I just went for it and started talking about it.
This statement mostly applies to people who post a lot of inside jokes, vague updates, and really obscure underground topics. The internet is a big place and there are lots of people on there. If you're honestly trying to build an online community, you're going to have to cover an array of subjects. If you can count on one hand how many people will "get" something you talk about, maybe you should consider something else.


Thank you for taking the time to read this post! I truly hope this list sparks something inside you and you really ponder these questions. I keep them hung up on my bulletin board so they're always front and center before I post anything on the internet. Even if it's just a Twitter status!

Check out the video I made below for further insight on internet posting habits.


Monday, August 18, 2014

The Perks Of Being A Fashion Blogger

Money, fame, free clothes. Those are all common perks of being a blogger. But if you wanted to read about them then you're in the wrong place! I'm here to tell you about the side of blogging that people rarely talk about. The real perks of being a blogger.

From color coding my closet so outfit posts come together faster, to scheduling perfectly timed blog post. I've learned a lot about organizing in my time as a blogger. Oh, plus my room looks neater than ever because who knows when I'll need to snap a quick pic for instagram?

While 13 years of babysitting has actually instilled this quality in me, it's been drilled in me just a bit more with running a blog. I'm responsible to my readers, companies I work with, and to myself in making sure my blog is the best it can be, among other things.

My life has always been pretty lax so giving myself structure in the form of a blog has been immensely beneficial to me. Sometimes I even get added pressure from companies to post my content at certain times. Is it weird to say that I think it's actually really fun having deadlines? If it's weird then I don't want to be normal!

I will forever be haunted by a moment when I was 18, at a party, and was forced to mingle. I couldn't do it. I stood by a friend and hoped the people would come to me. In blogging, you can't wait around for people. It's all about making connections, reaching out to new bloggers, sending e-mails to companies in an effort to further you ahead on the internet. If I didn't try at all then the only people reading this post would be my sister and someone who accidently Googled this page in the middle of the night.

Being able to share my outfits and ideas with the world is an awesome thing!

If you work hard to have a good blog, it pays off! And since we're living in internet times, our hard work pays off a little faster than it did before the digital era. Some might argue that's a bad thing, but if I can watch something like a blog grow, it inspires me to reach for big things outside of my computer screen. Not such a poor deal afterall

Reading blogs introduced me to Etsy, which led me to open my own shop, which sparked my entrepreneurial side so much so that I've taken some online business classes. Besides running a blog like a business, it's broadened my interest and where would I be without interest? (Probably still living at home with my mom. Oh wait...)

You need writing for everything! Homework, paperwork, leisure. It's a good skill to have and I think I've put in plenty of hours over a keyboard. I even have the hunchback to prove it!


Next time you think that blogging is just selfishly writing on the internet and nothing more, take a look at this list and remind yourself what the real perks are.