An Old Story: DIY: Miss Frizzle Halloween Costume

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

DIY: Miss Frizzle Halloween Costume

Miss Frizzle has starred in a lot of books. But sadly there is no book out there about how to be her for Halloween. There also aren't many websites. But after a Google session, I can tell she is a popular costume with teachers and librarians and they seem to magically make it work. Thrifting wasn't a help to me (went to at least 6 different places, all with bad luck) so I knew this was a DIY moment.
I just wanted to post the 3 simple steps it took to transform me that I hope will help someone in the future.

Step One:
Finding the perfect dress/belt/shoes.
After carefully studying Miss Frizzle, I noticed a theme in her outfits (ha, no pun intended). She always wore long sleeve dresses with a collared top and the belt matched the color of the collared top. I was able to layer my own white top under a black dress that I also already owned. Done!
I just chose a pair of small heels, since the Frizz is known for simple shoes. Then my outfit was starting to take shape.
Step Two: Theme
Every episode of The Magic School Bus has a theme. I chose fall since my black dress already had tiny leaves on it. Tiny. Yeah, not a word in Miss.F's vocabulary unless she's getting ready to shrink the class. She is an over the top woman. So the week before Halloween, I pressed some leaves and followed the instructions below. (this works with ANY shapes you choose for your theme. Mine just happened to be leaves)
It's important have matchy-matchy earrings and shoe decorations. The outfit just wouldn't be complete without them!
Step Three: Liz and the Bus
Without those two props, I was pegged as Mother Nature. Toy buses are in abundance at thrift stores, but mine was already at my house. My little Liz came from the dollar store and she's a dog toy! I had to cut her squeaker though, that was obnoxious. I added a yellow belt (already in my closet) to act as a strap to help hold the bus all night. Hey, buses aren't light, ok?

Each step was simple, it was just putting it together at the last minute that wore me out. I also dyed my hair red the day before, but that step is optional!

If you're here from Pinterest and want to see more, click here to visit my entire page of DIY projects! Also, I've got more costume inspiration for you in this post. (Sally Jesse Raphael, anyone?)


Thick Threads said...

that seriously look so cool! love the idea its really creative :)


Erin said...

That is such a great costume!! You did a great job. And I love the new hair colour.

adria said...

that looks fun! nice outfit!

Novelstyle said...

Thats hilarious!!! Love her!
Im nog following you on bloglovin :)


Hannah said...

That is awesome! Thank you so much. :)