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Monday, April 15, 2013

Garden Of Your Mind

Spring is here and it's the awakening of fresh things. I'm being pulled in both old & new directions. As far as old goes, I wore this fun vintage look to go thrifting over the weekend. Wearing old things to shop for old things. That's my life.
On the new end of the spectrum, some babies were added to my family last week! I've got a sweet new boy cousin and a great nephew. I'm still not sure how to feel that I'm only 22 and am a great aunt so soon. To me it would seem most kids my age still have kid siblings or are only becomes aunts/uncles for the first time. Here I am with a couple generations beneath me already!

My outfit was chosen rather organically. I looked at this bright red cardigan and laid it out with these other pieces and it just worked beautifully together. Wearing it made me feel like the love child of Mister Rogers and Taylor Swift.

Outfit details - Collared top, $1 (garage sale Andrew Blues brand) - Shorts, $4 (thrifted, Dockers brand) - Cardigan, .25 cents (thrifted, St.John's Bay brand) - Tights & Flats, $5/$10 (Wal-Mart) - Earrings & Purse, paid with gift card ( - Lipstick, 01 by Kate for Rimmel London

I also took some time out of my so busy weekend to record a video of my 5 minute make-up look. But I got a little giddy about filming and raced through my routine in only 2 1/2 minutes. Ever better, right?!


annikaherz said...

love your outfit :)

jocelyn said...

Cute outfit! I especially love the purse & the earrings. Congratulations on your new cousin & great nephew :)

fatfashionablefeminist said...

^^^ That was me above, wrong account. Sorry!

Noelle Mettille said...

Loooove this outfit! If this is what a Mister Rodgers inspired outfit looks like, more people need to be doing it!

About your video, I just have to say how naturally beautiful you are! Most of the time when people appear on camera without makeup it can be a bit of a shock, at first. But, not with you! I think it's great you use a minimal amount of makeup and let all the natural beauty shine through!

Fish In A Desert said...

Cute as always!! Make more videos please!!


Gazel M. said...

Major hair envy. Every outfit of yours is so good. Love your subtle makeup too. xo