An Old Story: Throwin' Shade

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Throwin' Shade

Spring has once again come and melted the snow in these woods, revealing trash that was better off staying hidden. Just out of frame is an old beer bottle and probably some random sock. These woods don't really have the best reputation! I don't exactly belong with my carefully coordinated looks and good girl personality. I tried to fit in by throwin' some shade in these pictures but it's impossible because I'm just too nice.

We may have warmer temps but there is still plenty of obnoxious wind that is keeping me indoors. On the bright side, I've had lots of time to catch up with cleaning, reading, and most importantly, the internet. Don't forget that my friend Ruta & I have a giveaway going that will be ending tomorrow. You could try to win a real live thing that we made! :)

Outfit details - Top, .25 cents (thrifted) - Swiss dotted shorts, $2 (thrifted) - Flats, $5 (thrifted) - Earrings, family heirloom - Sunnies, $5 (Seventh Avenue) - Lipstick, Coral Crush by Maybelline


ensembledeux said...

I love the whole outfit! I like to thrift a lot too! :)

Lyndsey said...

I really love that minty top with those polka dot shorts. You're a doll! And yes, you really are too nice to throw shade ;P

Oh god.. a sock and a beer bottle?! Sounds like a hobo had some kind of mysterious fun there. Be careful walking around there in flats!