An Old Story: Many Ways To Wear High Waisted Shorts

Friday, May 16, 2014

Many Ways To Wear High Waisted Shorts

I don't think it's a secret, at this point in my style blogging timeline, that I love me some good high waisted shorts. Or high waisted anything! But for the sake of this remix post, I pulled out pictures of my most beloved looks with a classic pair of black high waisted shorts. If you like any of these looks, then stick around. Summer is just around the corner and I see no sign of these shorts slowing down in my outfit posts. :)

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Lyndsey said...

I would definitely have to say my favorite outfits of you in those fabulous shorts would be the cow picture from your vacation (right?) and the tied army green top outfit just above that one. Maybe that certain kind of top just gives off that incredible vintage vibe.. in which you totally rock so well!! ♥♥♥