An Old Story: Sister Style

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sister Style

If you've ever wondered if good genes run in my family, well now here's proof. This is my big sister Rachael, though she stands almost a foot shorter than me. Besides our striking beauty, we're also partners in crime when it's come to thrift store shopping. This is the girl that has planned & executed thrifting trips that included 14 stops in one day. She may be small but she is quite a powerhouse!

One of our big differences is that Rachael hates having her picture taken. So please soak in this rare moment as she appears on my blog in multiple photos and looks really darn cute doing it.

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Outfit details - Striped top, $3 (thrifted) - Jeans, $40 (Delia* - Sandals, $12 (Payless) - Necklace, $5 (Shop-Ko, old)


Abigail ~ said...

aw, Rachel is cute too!
i find it quite funny that you're a foot taller. doesn't that seem to be how things always work out? the older ones are always shorter!
idk... that's always just been kinda comical to me

Lyndsey said...

She's too cute! I was always taller than my older brother when we were younger, but once he hit about 18.. he shot to 6'2. Not a foot difference, but he's taller now lol. :D I hope you're enjoying your trip and hurrah to her being a thrifting queen like you!! #doubletrouble